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Gredos viscoelastic mattress ±15 cm

The ideal mattress for trundle beds or bunk beds. Its height of 15/16 cm allows you to store the bottom bed dressed so you don’t have to worry about putting on and taking off the bedding. High quality viscoelastic mattress, manufactured in Spain with OEKO-TEX certificate. Thermoregulable and breathable Gravitas Core open pore core that allows air to pass through and circulate freely and more fluidly. STRECH fabric that adapts perfectly to the contour, making it much more comfortable and pleasant. Aith path 3D fabric that allows continuous circulation.

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Gredos viscoelastic mattress ±15 cm



±16 cm.
Fabric Faces
Air path 3D fabric
Visconfort System
Gravitas Core
Breathable fabric

Total height 15/16 cm optimal for trundle beds or bunk beds

The thickness of the trundle bed mattress is specially designed to fit under trundle beds or in bunk beds where the height is limited; it is also the optimum height so that you can store the bottom bed dressed and not have to worry about putting on and taking off the bedding.

Optimal breathability and

In addition to being manufactured in a sustainable way and under the OEKO-TEX certificate, the viscoelastic mattress adapts to every part of the body, offering a good level of comfort and promoting proper alignment of the spine; with the VISCONFORT system that combines visco acu-point, and breath soft, gets a feeling of comfort and optimum breathability.

Breathable and thermoregulable gravitas core

The trundle bed mattress has an open pore core that makes it a breathable and thermo-regulating mattress; it adapts to body temperature, eliminating heat build-up and allowing air to circulate freely; it also provides medium-high firmness.

Portions medium-high firmness

The elasticity and softness that characterizes the stretch fabric, makes the viscoelastic mattress the most comfortable mattress for young people; it is a material of optimal breathability that ensures the continuous passage of air so that it is always aerated and in good condition (free of dust mites, moisture and odors).

Bottom side and bottom side with 3d air path breathable fabric

The entire side and underside of the viscoelastic mattress are covered with breathable 3D air path fabric to promote ventilation; the 3D fabric significantly increases breathability, as its grid structure creates a micro air chamber between the fabric and our skin, thus facilitating air circulation.



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